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Pendleton Raven Wool Blanket (Twin)

Pendleton Raven Wool Blanket (Twin)

Item# 441
  • Pendleton Raven Blanket features a chief figure in Northwest Native American tribes, the Raven, who is a teacher of good versus evil, a lesson exemplified in his black colored feathers and the rich chrimsom color of potential danger that surrounds him. 82% Pure Virgin Wool / 18% Cotton. Woven in Pendleton's Northwest Mills, the blanket is felt bound and napped. Twin 64" x 80"Free ground shipping + no sales tax. Beaver State.

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Pendleton Raven Blanket design

Northwest American Indian tradition reflects many stories surrounding animal spirits. Raven is the counterpart of Coyote. Even though Raven can be an expert trickster, often fooling other animals out of food or shelter, Raven can also be a friend when other animals need help. With sharp eyes, he has a keen skill of knowing when danger lurks. Raven identifies the danger and notifies all other animals in the desert or forest to be cautious or to hide. Raven is a solid reminder and teacher of the good versus evil and is always available if there is a decision to be made. The blanket is bordered with the Sun, Moon and Stars that are celestial facets of Raven's life.


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